Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Sleep Sack

Zane and I took a super long trip to Joann's on Wednesday. We were going to get quilt fabric, but after an hour and a half of doing the math, I decided I wasn't ready for the financial commitment of that project. 

We did get some great fleece for this project that I found on Make It Love It. It's a baby sleep sack, or a wearable blanket.  

I whipped it up in about two hours on Wednesday night in preparation for a cold front. I always worry about Daisy being cold overnight when it's cold here. I'm snuggled in my blankets, but she kicks hers off in her sleep. 

Thursday morning, I tried it on her:

Whoops! Too tight! 

I made it 30'' long for my 27''-long girl, but apparently I underestimated her waistline. When I got home from work on Thursday night, I was really tired and not in the mood to sew. However, Thursday night was the cold front, so I pushed through my fatigue and altered the sleep sack so she could wear it that night. 

I added a 2'' panels to each side seam. I tapered it into the top and bottom of the sides, so I wouldn't have to alter the arm holes or bottom edge. 

Before we put her down for the long-haul, I slipped her into the new sack. Perfect fit. It was pretty cold that night. I woke up a few times from being cold and thought, "I'm SO glad I finished that sewing project or I'd be REALLY worried about Daisy being too cold right now." 

Here she is Friday morning in her custom-fit sack.
Before breakfast (she's a little annoyed that I'm taking her picture)

After breakfast. Content for a photo shoot. 

It was a really simple project, except for the zipper, but Make It Love It has a great zipper tutorial too! And she has a snap tutorial! This was my first time installing a snap. They're super easy.

You can find Make It Love It's tutorial here: Wearable Baby Blanket.
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