Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Day The Test Was Positive

Monday marked the year anniversary of when I found out I was pregnant. I really love reflecting on the past and imagining the future, so it's been a very contemplative week for me. 

The short story is that I was expecting my monthly cycle on Friday, but still hadn't gotten it on Monday, so I took a test right when I got home from work. Here's the excerpt from my diary that afternoon:

I just took a pregnancy test and got two lines. I can't stop crying. I can't believe it. Zane won't be home for a few hours, so the only one who knows is me. And Rufio can't understand why I'm sobbing and laughing and begging God for it to be real.  
Oh God - there is a baby in me! I can't believe it.  
I don't want to tell anyone but Zane, but I have to wait to do it in person.  
I never expected two lines, but I always hope. At first it just looked like one, but I saw a faded second line. I kept blinking. When the stick dried, it was obvious. That's when I started crying.  
I can't believe it. 
I wrote more about that afternoon in this post. We told Zane's parents after dinner that night. They were in a parking lot at Publix on speakerphone, and Zane said, "My boys can swim!" After that we bought the only "Grandma" onesie at Target and headed over to my parents' house. My parents weren't sure what we meant until we said, "We got a positive pregnancy test."

I could hardly fathom a child actually wearing the onesie some day, but here's a picture of Daisy wearing it last month:

We didn't know if she'd be a girl or boy, of course, so this is definitely more boyish. 

Last year, Daisy was a little tiny pea in my belly, and today she's this:

She's a laughing, cooing, grabbing, pooping, eating, spitting-up, smiling, sweet little baby. (She cries sometimes too).
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