Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Baby Photos

I have wanted to do a pumpkin baby photo shoot with Daisy ever since my friends did it with their baby several years ago. You can find his cute pictures here. 

This weekend we were at a Zane's company retreat, which included an afternoon of pumpkin carving. We asked one of his coworkers if we could use her pumpkin to snag a few shots of Daisy in it before she carved it out. 

She said she was honored that we chose her pumpkin. After gutting it, she rinsed it out in the sink for us too! (Thank you so much, Nicole!!) 

We were up at a beautiful farm in Georgia, which provided a perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. 
Getting naked.

I slipped her in, but alas! She was too big for the little pumpkin. I guess baby James was either in a HUGE pumpkin, or Daisy's just bigger. Probably both. 

That's when Nicole suggested we carve leg holes for her. I was like, "Are you sure? It's your pumpkin!" She was totally into it now, so she and her cohort Shawna worked on getting some baby leg-sized holes carved in the bottom. 

Getting into the pumpkin was not very comfortable for Daisy, and I thought we might not be able to get good pictures...

...but after about 30 seconds (which felt much longer), she calmed down. She never smiled, but we got a lot of photos of this expression:

I'm not sure that she liked being in the pumpkin, but she put up with it for us. What a compliant kid!

My favorite shot of the day. 
 We tried for a family photo, but Daisy wasn't into looking at the camera.
She was about done with the pumpkin outfit. 

It took three people to get her out (Thanks, Nick!), which was an equally uncomfortable experience for Daisy as getting in. Afterwards, I wrapped her up in a blanket and snuggled with her, and she was smiling and cooing within minutes.

Fall fun with the baby!
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