Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kennesaw Mountain

Last weekend we visited my sister and bro-in-law in Kennesaw, Georgia, which is just north of Atlanta. Lemme tell ya - it's hard to live away from your sisters. We're now all three separated by states or continents, and I can't say I like it. It was extra fun to see Kevin and Lydia since we hadn't hung out in months!

One of the things we did up there was hike Kennesaw Mountain. I wish I had checked out this national park site about it before we went. Lots of history!!

It's totally free to do. Parking is kind of a bummer, but we lucked out with a spot right next to the visitor center.

The weather was beautiful, and the entire trail was shaded anyways. It's got several educational signs about this area during the Civil War. There's actually a museum in a different part of the park, but we didn't go it this time.

We passed several other men carrying babies in carriers like this. There's apparently a man club of baby daddies, because they all nodded to each other in passing as if to acknowledge one of the brotherhood. 

Just having some laughs at the top of the mountain. 

Daisy faced outward the entire hike up the mountain, but at the top she started flipping out. I had tried feeding her at the base, but she wasn't interested (not sure what that was all about), so I thought she was hungry. I went total granola and tried to nurse her at the top of the mountain sans nursing cover, but she still wasn't interested. So, I did my regular soothing, swaying, patting, and she eventually went for her thumb. 

At that point, we faced her inward, and she soothed herself to sleep. 

Reminiscent of our Grand Canyon adventure. 

It was a fun hike. I was pretty tired, but it was just the right length that I didn't give up or die. We had a really great time. Later that day we stopped by a pumpkin patch on our way to dinner. It was actually pretty hot outside, but we dressed up Daisy for this one picture:

Baby in a pumpkin patch is a right of passage...at least for me.
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