Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Bump Backwards

This week I've been remembering my pregnancy, because it's the anniversary week of when I found out I was pregnant. Daisy's almost four months old now, and I'm basically back to my pre-pregnancy size. Everything looks a little different, but I fit (squeeze) back into my old jeans, and that makes me feel pretty great. 

The past year has gone by slowly and fastly all mixed together. Daisy was a little micro-being in my belly last year, and now she's this: 

Being back to my normal size makes these preggo pictures seem even more crazy. I can't believe Daisy was inside me!!! Okay, I obviously do believe it, but it's still a strange miracle that I'll never stop being amazed by. 

June - 38.5 weeks
June - 37 weeks

April - 30 weeks

March - 25 weeks

February - 20 weeks

February - 18 weeks

January - 16 weeks

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