Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Voice-Over Work Rocks

Last week I got to act! Yay! I've been feeling deprived, even though I've been occupied in other ways. When I got a call to do some voice-over work as part of post production for 365 Decision Time, I was super excited. 

Partly because I had never done voice over work before. I love new experiences. 

I shamelessly asked my friend to take pictures of me in the sound booth. 

We basically just needed to re-record some of my lines from a scene. They played a 3-second interval of the clip on a loop, and I said my line over myself saying the line. Sometimes it was hard, because I had to match my line to my lips on screen. After I got the timing right, I said the lines different ways with different voice inflections. So. Fun. 

Everyone was really laid-back and fun. We laughed a lot, so much that at one point the director told me not to look through the window and focus on the line, because it was sounding like I was laughing. I guess I was having too much fun. 

I want to look into exclusive voice over work now. My voice in anime? Cartoons? I need to work on silly voices for that sort of thing. I could be the next Ash or Dora! 

Anyways, I loved it and I would love to explore this area of acting more!

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