Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Rolls and Flutters

I felt the baby!

I was talking to the coordinator for the Chinese student host family program last week, when I felt a rather large rolling sensation in my lower abdomen. I acted nonchalant, but inside I was thinking, "Oh my gosh!!! That had to be the baby!!"

Later that night, I felt flutters and bubbles and ripples. I realized I had been feeling it for a week, but didn't know what it was. I just thought it was my tummy settling or something.

Since then, I've felt it at least once a day. Sometimes it feels like a butterfly, and other times it feels more like an actual kick. It's weird to imagine a little baby in there moving around, floating in the abyss that is my womb.

It's been pretty crazy with the Chinese kids, but we managed to take another belly shot during the madness. My belly doesn't look that big, but I already feel big.

18 weeks

Sorry for the grainy picture. Maybe we'll find a new belly picture location, because the lighting in this hallway is questionable. I don't have many blank walls though.

The next update will be after we find out the sex in mid February. Pretty stoked about that! Pink or blue? Cast your vote in our baby pool!
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