Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hosting Chinese Boys - Round One

What a weekend!

This week we volunteered to host 10-11 year old Chinese kids, who are on a trip to the United States. One of their stops is Orlando to visit Disney World. While here, they're all staying with host families to get a true American experience.

They LOVED Rufio. They called him, "Chow Chow" and played with him so much that he began to run away from them and stick close to me in the kitchen or bedroom. He wasn't used to so much love. 

Food was an adventure. I cooked a lot! Zane cooked a lot too. He covered the meats, and I cooked the sides. Thank the Lord for boil-in-a-bag rice!! The first night I made chili, which they didn't like, which caused me to believe they didn't eat much food, but that was incorrect. They LOVED chicken and rice, hamburgers, and Chick Fila. AND, boy, could they put the food away!

They asked for hotdogs for breakfast one day. I didn't have buns, so I just made hotdogs. Zane also made pancakes that morning. As much as we tried to get them to try pancakes the American way, they preferred to roll up their hotdog in a pancake with ketchup. To each his own. 

We discovered they liked sweet drinks, which included sweetening their water. For the most part, they didn't like sweet food. There were a few exceptions like the ice cream at Chick Fila, which a couple of them finished. 

The last morning we were pretty rushed to get out with all their luggage and Disney souvenirs, so we took them to McDonalds for some sausage mcmuffins - no cheese! They don't like cheese! My heart broke for them a little bit, because cheese is pretty much my favorite food in the world.

It was a quite an adventure with four boys at once. Only one spoke English, so he became our translator and spokesperson for the group.

Even with the help of a little English, everything was a process of patience and repetition. "Please get dressed." "I'm not serving breakfast until you're dressed."  "You have to be completely packed tonight." "Not until you're packed up." haha, now I really wish I had been more quick to obey my mom in my youth. They were great kids. They were just kids - not worrying about the time or whether or not they had matching socks. Kids are kids.

We sent these four on their way this morning and will pick up two more tonight. I have to say, two sounds pretty nice after four kids for four days.

New adventures await us this week! Can't wait to share them with you!
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