Saturday, December 3, 2011

You're a Cute One, Rufio!

I've been trying to come up with good alternative lyrics to the Mr. Grinch song about how wonderful Rufio is. All I have so far is:

"You're a cute one, Rufio.
You really are so cute!
You're a cuddly little muffin man, my wittle pumpkin face,
I would cuddle you in my arms all the time!"

I admit, it's not my best work.

Some people have asked me how Rufio is taking the pregnancy. Though he obviously doesn't understand us when we tell him there will be a baby, he definitely understands something.

Almost as soon as we found out we were pregnant, he started acting different. He's more cuddly, more subdued, and more attached to me. He used to enjoy being in the same room as me, not necessarily near me, but now he wants to be touching me all the time. He lies across my stomach, or up against my legs or back when I'm taking naps, which I do a lot these days.

We thought it'd be funny to stuff Rufio in my sweatshirt, but he quickly found an exit out the top. 

Zane and a coworker were working in the living room the other day. I was taking a nap in the bedroom, and when I came out, Rufio lay next to me on the floor of the living room. Zane's coworker said that he'd never seen Rufio so calm. Before I came out, he was running around and barking.

He also checks on me when I'm lying down. He'll jump on the bed and smell my face as if to see if I'm breathing. If I'm on the couch, he'll to climb over me to check, usually stepping on my face in the process.

It's mostly with me, but he's been more cuddly with Zane too.

Maybe he senses the upcoming separation. But I think he'll be a great big brother, checking on the baby and cuddling with him/her. Maybe he'll be like nana from Peter Pan. Hopefully. We'll see.
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