Wednesday, December 28, 2011

IMDB Official

I haven't been acting since October, but it's fun to see the projects that I've worked on come to fruition. Yesterday I was checking on 365 Decision Time, which has a countdown to the end of post-production on the website. I followed the movie link to IMDB (Internet Movie Database), curious about what cast members were listed...

... And sure enough - there I am - the eighth cast member listed!

Check the IMDB movie page here.
Check my IMDB page here.

I'm totally on IMDB. I just smiled at it for a long time and thought, "That's not just a 'Deborah Kennedy.' That's me." Then I posted it to Facebook, because that's the quickest way to spread good news.

Even though I haven't had an opportunity (partially my fault) to act in the past couple months, I'm still experiencing the second-hand joys of acting. Soon 365 Decision Time will be in theaters, and I expect everyone to go see it.

I'll let you know when.

P.S. For all of you who are thinking or have said, "You need to get a picture up." I just have one thing to to say to you: Baby steps, people! Baby steps!

P.P.S. Go like 365 Decision Time on Facebook!
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