Monday, December 12, 2011

Auditions Adventure: Maternity Edition

I haven't acted since October. I had lofty plans to go to auditions in November, but it was right after I sprained my ankle, and I was afraid they wouldn't cast me if I limped into the audition.

Yesterday I went to an audition downtown. I wasn't sure if I should go, since I don't know when my baby bump is going to start showing. I decided to go, and let them see me and see if they liked me enough to work with me. I was hoping it was scheduled to shoot in January, when I might not be showing much.

Plus, I wanted to act. I haven't acted in something like six weeks. It feels like forever.

I walked into the audition and was delighted to see a fellow Art-Saker behind the casting table. That always puts me at ease. He was the reader, which was even better.

We ran through it once. I got an adjustment. We ran through it again. I felt really good about it. The casting director seemed to like what he saw. He asked if I had any questions, and the conversation went something like this:

"Yes. When are you scheduled to shoot?"

"We're starting principle photography in [some spring month] and are planning on shooting in late April to mid June," said the casting director. "What's your availability like then? This role is a supporting role, so we wouldn't need you to be there the whole time."

"Um, my availability isn't that good. Well, actually I am available, but I'm in the early stages of being'm pretty sure I'm not a good fit for this role."

Exclamations of surprise and congratulations, "Oh! Congratulations! Wow, well, you're glowing!"

Nervous laughter from Deborah, "Yeah, so if there's a pregnant role..."

"Actually...there is..." Casting director people talk to each other about the particular scene and proceed to ask if I could be aged up, would I cut my hair, how far along will I be and how that might really work.

They were really nice about it, even though I felt awkward declaring that I am pregnant. I used to think that pregnancy was the announcement of doom in acting, but this made me hopeful that I could still do small roles in the near future. Nine months is a long time to not act, not counting post-partum recovery.

We'll see if it works out. I hope it does. There's definitely no guarantee, but it was a really encouraging experience either way.
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