Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Lights and a Corn Maze

Happy Holidays!! Thanksgiving to New Years is just one big holiday celebration. Sometimes it can get muddled together too.

In the beginning of December, Zane and I went to Hollywood Studios for the day. We had free tickets from volunteering at the Disney Marathon in January, and since we enjoyed our trip to Magic Kingdom so much last year, we decided to do another Christmastime Disney trip this year.

We meandered around most the day, taking our time. We only did a couple rides, ate a couple meals, took a nap in the car, and went back in. It was very leisurely. We didn't want to rush around, and eating and sleeping are what keep me in the best mood these days. 

Disney does Christmas very well. We went to Hollywood Studios for the Osborn Family Spectacle of Lights, which neither of us had ever seen before. 

We were not disappointed!

It was pretty insane. 

So insane, that I had to leave the area after fifteen minutes or so, because the lights were inducing nausea! I've never had that problem before, but this Christmas it's happening with all Christmas lights, so it must be the pregnancy. 

The next weekend we went to the corn maze! We had a Groupon that we bought in September, that expired on the 11th, so we figured we ought to go. We had planned on going the day before Thanksgiving, but my foot was still healing, so I didn't think I could walk around a corn maze. 

The corn was all dead, so finding the stations was actually easier in some ways. Here's a picture of a station that we saw between dead stalks. That's the only picture we took this day, because I couldn't make it through the whole maze. I failed in preparation and didn't bring water or a snack. We only spent about 50 minutes in there, before I had to get out and get something to eat!

Zane was upbeat and accommodating. In the past, we've tried to find all the stations, but my body was not cooperating this year.

Since then, we've just had one holiday party after another. It's been a fun season so far. We even received our first baby gift at Zane's work Christmas party. It's a pajama one-piece thing that says, "Future Quarterback." They pegged it for a boy. We'll see. Or it could be a girl with a great arm.

10 days until Christmas! Are you all ready? I'm wrapping presents tonight!
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