Friday, December 16, 2011

A Disney Stranger

Zane and I went to Hollywood Studios earlier this month. He rode the updated Star Tours ride, and I waited outside the gift shop for him. The following events ensued:

I sat on a curb. A woman with a cane came by, sat down and asked, "Do you have a cell phone I could borrow to call my daughter? Mine is dead."

"Sure." I fished out my phone and handed it to her.

"Oh a Razor! I loved my Razor. I wish I still had it. It was my favorite phone ever. Are you on T-Mobile?"

"Yes." I'm thinking to myself, I hate my phone.

"I loved T-Mobile! You know, they're coming out with another Razor soon! I'm going to get it." She called her daughter, explained where she was, and handed me back the phone. I thought she was going to leave, but she turned to me and said, "So are you here with your parents?"

"No, I'm here with my husband."

"Oh, your husband! You look so young! How old are you?"

"Guess." That's my new game, since I started acting.


"Nope, 26." I dont' know why I said that, because I'm 25, but I guess I've been thinking that I'll be 26 when the baby comes. It just came out of my mouth. Afterwards, I figured it wasn't worth explaining that I forgot how old I was.

"Oh, my son's 26! That means you were born in 1985!"

I just went along with my lie. "...Yep..."

"Guess how old I am."

Crap. I hate playing that game. "Um...35?"

"Nope!" She takes off her glasses, "Try again!"


"Nope! I'm a lot older! Try again."


"I'm 56! I don't look it, do I?"


"Those earrings are pretty, did you get them here?"


"Oh, well they sell that kind of stuff here. Why aren't you riding the ride?"

"I'm pregnant, and it says you're not supposed to if you're expecting."

"Oh, you're pregnant!!! That's wonderful!!!" Then she hugged me. Throughout the 30 minutes that Zane was in the ride, she told me about her three marriages, her bunion surgery, and her son's hobby of building light sabers (which I told her that he should sell them online), how her son's and my birthdays are only a year and a day apart (actually 2 years...oops).

It was totally surreal.

Eventually her daughter came and found us. She looked right at me and said, "Hi, I'm Julie."

"I'm Deborah."

Then the lady looked at her daughter and said, "This is Deborah! She's married and she' having a baby!"

The daughter lit up and said, "Oh congratulations!!!"

Then Zane came out, and I said, "That's my husband."

The lady looked at him and said, "Congratulations!!!"

It was totally surreal for me, talking to a stranger at Disney about her bunion surgery. She told me to tell my mom never to get surgery on her bunions because that's why she walks with a cane now. That advice goes out to all my readers.

The strangest part was her hugging me when I told her I'm pregnant. Even strangers are excited for us! So weird!
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