Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mom of Two: Four Months In

This month was once again a little easier than last month. I've got the whole "leave the house with two kids and no husband" thing down. I even drove to Orlando for one night just me and the kids.

I finally ventured on a walk with both kids and Rufio sans Zane. I had Amy in the Ergo carrier (my best friend). Up to this point, I haven't gone on a walk without Zane because I didn't want to have to talk to anyone in my neighborhood. This is also my biggest reason for wanting my own yard for the kids to play in - so that I can be a hermit, but my kids can still get outdoor time.

Well, guess what happened on our walk? I talked to people! I knew it would happen.

Daisy wanted to play on the playground, so we loitered for just enough time for neighborhood kids to come by and pet Rufio, which led to a little toddler coming to pet Rufio, which led to me talking to toddler's mom for an HOUR! I came home very happy about my accomplishment that was forced upon me. I thought, "I'd like to do that again tomorrow, but I don't want to ever do that again." I have all these ideas of amazing friendships in the neighborhood, but I don't want to leave my house. Oh, the internal conflict!

Amy's accomplishments this month included chuckling, holding her feet, pulling off her socks, putting the pacifier in her mouth (by accident), and rolling over once (possibly by accident).

I'm constantly torn between wanting her to grow up and be more independent (finding her pacifier on her own) and staying a baby. She's so adorable and squishy. She's also VERY snuggly. We have been much less strict on her about scheduling. She's pretty scheduled on her own, but there's lots more rocking and less crying with Amy. NOT that she doesn't cry, because she does. We just don't have her cry it out yet. Not sure what our plan is there.

I tend to put aside my to-do list to play with or hold Amy when she's awake. I put aside my to-do list a lot for Daisy too - playing trains and blocks and princesses, building forts, reading books, helping after potty. Somehow I have managed these things, kept the house relatively cleanish, fed everything, and continued to meet my Etsy orders.

Honestly, we still watch a lot of TV. I have limited our shows. SO many kids' shows are about social interactions, which usually include one character being mean to another. Daisy is absorbing everything, and I don't want her picking up rude habits.

Zane is a HUGE help. He has basically taken over all Rufio-related duties and Daisy's bedtime routine. He also cooks about half the time and does ALL our grocery shopping. Am I blessed or what?!

There are still days where I feel like I could pull my hair out at the end of the day, but I don't even have enough energy for that.

I nostalgically remember the days when I could paint, sew for fun, read novels, play video games, act, and blog about it all. I have lots of ideas for creative projects, but very little time to do anything without toddler interruption. My days often feel like survival mode, but I do NOT want to wish away the little years. Creative endeavors will be there when I'm an empty-nester. I'm doing my best to enjoy the life that God has given me right now and file away my dreams for the future.

I've also been working out more since the beginning of January, which has helped me lose a good chunk of pregnancy weight. I did a Beach Body challenge, which was really fun, and helped me to jumpstart healthier habits this year.

It has been a great month, and we have lots to look forward to next month: my birthday, the Strawberry Festival, Renaissance Faire, and who knows what else. Maybe I'll blog more often too. Soon this baby will be eating solids and sitting up and next thing I know, she won't be a baby anymore. Which is simultaneously a happy and sad thought.

Daisy just winked at me and said, "Cheers." My life is awesome.

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