Sunday, June 9, 2013

DIY Up-Cycled T-Shirt to Tank Top

This is a 15 minute project! 

Old T-shirt
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine

1. Try on the shirt and mark where you want your new neckline to be. My pin is about 4.5'' down from the collar. 

2. Cut off the sleeves and collar down to where you marked your new neckline. 

3. Cut the leftover sleeves into rectangles. 

Turn the old sleeve (left) into a rectangular strip (right). 

4. Wrap the rectangles around each of your tank top straps. 

5. Sew them closed around the straps. I used a sewing machine and left the edges exposed, but you can hand-sew this easily. 

6. Try it on and adjust the ruffled sleeves to the desired position. 

 Enjoy your new tank top!

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