Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess Books by Jessica Day George

I'm staying with my family at the beach this week, which has been unlike any other vacation I've ever been on, because my full-time job is with me (sweet Daisy). I haven't had the same amount of time or energy to spend on the beach or swimming, but nursing a baby provides plenty of time for reading. Having aunt and grandma around provides even more time, because there are extra willing hands to soothe her when she gets fussy, which she just started doing this week.

I put aside the Game of Thrones series this week and read a couple YA novels by Jessica Day George. Any book with "Princess" in the title always perks my interest.

The first book I read was Princess of the Midnight Ball, which is a rewrite of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, one of my favorite fairy tales. It's a story by the Grimm Brothers about twelve sisters who mysteriously dance holes in their shoes every night without leaving their bedchambers.

Jessica Day George writes it in a cute, quirky, refreshing way.

It was a quick read, really fun, and I liked it a lot. The main character is a soldier who knits, who falls in love with a princess. Can't get any better than that!

The second book I read this week was the sequel called Princess of Glass, which follows just one of the twelve sisters in her own story. It references the first novel a lot, but is more of a re-write of Cinderella, where Cinderella is a supporting character, instead of the heroine.

This was another fun, quick read.

Jessica Day George writes clever characters and unique plots. Both books kept me turning the pages. I laughed out loud on several occasions at her quirky writing. I particularly like her development of the male characters, and the development of the romantic relationships throughout the book. They were light and fun.

She has several other books, which I intend to check out when I get a chance. I recommend both books for all ages!

UPDATE: There's a third book of the same series coming out later this year: Princess of the Silver Wood.

Also, you can like Jessica Day George on Facebook for more updates on her new books, etc. I just did.
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