Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daisy Appreciates Cows

Yesterday was another Cow Appreciation Day, and our family participated as usual. We dressed up Daisy as a cow, which is funny, because "Daisy" sounds like a cow name. But our Daisy's just pretending to be a cow. 

Zane and I used our costumes from previous years, and I sharpie-ed cow spots on an extra plain white onesie for Daisy. 

It was a hit. She got lots of "Aww's" from other patrons. 

 Our little calf! 

Plus, I had to breastfeed her in the restaurant, so I felt like a real momma cow. It was actually pretty awkward for me to feed her in public. Zane told me not to worry and that no one was looking, but I felt weird. I can be so feminist and confident about things, but for whatever reason, at Chick Fil A I was awkward. I fed her at a TGI Friday's earlier this week, and that was fine, but that was in the corner of a fairly empty, dark restaurant, and Chick Fil A is all bright and open and busy. Oh well. I did it, and that's that. 

We saw lots of friends, and my parents and sister and bro-in-law came too. Such a fun tradition. Next year Daisy will need a new costume!
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