Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daisy's Infant Photos!

Our friends Jen and John were super gracious to take some amazing infant photos of Daisy on Friday, which was her 6th day of life in this world.

You have to see them. They are amazing. Check them out here

Here's the photo-genius couple at work:

We moved out the dining room table, moved in a coffee table, opened all the blinds, and cranked the AC up to 85 degrees. Daisy was comfy cozy and pliable, and the rest of us were sweating like nobody's business. But it was all worth it, because Daisy did great! She only took one half-hour break for feeding and changing, and slept the rest of the 4.5 hours of photo-taking. 

Here's one of their pictures to tempt you to go to Jen's site to see the others. 

That little hat was a gift from the doctor who delivered Daisy. She was the sweetest woman in the world. After Daisy was born, and I was all cleaned up, she came back into the room and said, "I make hats for all the babies I deliver." We didn't have anything so fuzzy and cute yet, so it was perfect for this photo session. So sweet. 

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