Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rufio's Backside--I mean, Backslide

Warning: this post includes stories of dog poo. Read at your own risk.

Lately my little snuggle muffin, pumpkin face Rufio has been misbehaving, and I don't mean chewing shoes.

When we first got him, he had a problem with pooping in his cage and flinging it around. The cause was easily explained away as anxiety, because once we started leaving him in a larger space he was fine. Crates cause him anxiety for whatever reason, which had resulted in many messy messes.

We got in the habit of leaving Rufio to roam the house when we left if it was raining or if we were only going to be gone a short time. We considered it a privilege that he was not forced to stay in the Florida heat or deluges, that he could lay on the couch at his leisure.

Then he started excreting on things, like chairs and guest beds.

It's one thing if he couldn't hold it so he went on the tile next to the front door, but pooping on a bed is downright in-your-owner's-face rebellion.

He's never done this before. My very first post about Rufio included that he was housebroken.

So now he's forced to stay outside, good weather or bad weather. I'm taking his rebellious defecation as a sign that he would rather be outside. I only kept him inside because he smelled so nice from the groomer. I'd rather him stink of the outdoors and require frequent bathing, than pee-up my furniture.

He's apparently going through a little teenage rebellion. We'll work through it. I'm bringing down the iron fist.

In other, unrelated news, tomorrow I'm flying up to New York City. I've been to upstate NY many times, but never to the city. I'll let you know how it goes!
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