Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plant City Memorial Day Weekend

After a long, busy spring, we were excited to visit Zane's family in Plant City for Memorial Day weekend. Here are a few hodge podge pictures from our hodge podge trip.

Here we are after a birthday celebration Sunday afternoon. Zane shares a birthday week with both his parents! Summer lovin' equals babies in the spring!
On Friday night, we went out for dinner on his mom's actual birthday! Zane stood up and got the entire restaurant singing "Happy Birthday." She said she will always remember it.

Zane and his grandpa did some shirtless-man work on Saturday afternoon. It's a Kennedy thing. I don't ask. Besides the shirtless men, you can't beat that Florida scenery. The beautiful swamp land. The real Florida.

Mema, Rufio and I just chilled out in the courtyard until we couldn't stand it anymore. Rufio couldn't stand it because he want to chase chickens. Mema and I couldn't stand it because it was too hot. 

When it got too hot for Rufio, he just plopped down in the shady dirt/leaves and continued enjoying life. Nothing phases him. Chasing chickens or laying around inside, he's a happy fellow. I could learn a few lessons from him.

We also played a lot of Dominion. More on that later.

The last thing I want to say is that today is Zane's birthday!!! Wish him a happy birthday and tell him how awesome he is, not just because he's eating cereal from a Michaelangelo bowl in this picture, but because he's Zane!
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