Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chasing Chickens

We visited Zane's family in Plant City over the Memorial Day weekend.

Part of that trip involved chasing and catching roosters. These are young ones who will not become part of the chicken club, because the other rooster would kill them. Zane liked the roosters, but Rufio liked them more.

This is Rufio jumping to get the rooster as it flew out of Zane's hands. Subsequently the rooster flew into the sliding glass doors a few times before running out of the courtyard. I felt bad for the rooster.

At one point, Rufio chased the roosters into an area of the yard where a barbed wire fence was down. His back leg got caught, and I watched him flail around as I ran to him. My poor baby. I tried to act like it wasn't a big deal, but my motherly instincts had kicked in big time. I was worried that he'd get all wrapped up and be whining in pain and such.

Luckily his woolly mammoth fur kept him from getting scratched or punctured. We had to cut him out with scissors. He lay patiently in my lap while we worked through his fur. Then he jumped up to find more chickens. 

Yeah, this is major Plant City entertainment for him and us!
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