Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Up-cycled Sweater

I got this sweater from Salvation Army when I was there buying my nerd costume. I loved the color, and I knew it had potential to be cute. The style was kind of weird though.

The band at the bottom was extremely tight, but the rest of the sweater was baggy.

Please disregard the sombrero, office chair, laundry basket and ironing board in our office/sewing room. It's the catch-all room, and my self-photography skills are weak.

First thing I did was remove the bottom band.

See? I removed it.

Then I sewed a new hem. I even used goldish thread.

That was easy.

It was still lacking something, so I went through some sewing stuff that my grandma gave me, including a bajillion buttons, including cute antique-ish buttons.

I found some black elastic string from who knows what (I never throw potential sewing items away!).
I sewed it under one of the buttons and voila!

Final product with the collar folded.

And with the collar straight. Two looks for the price of one!

Next time I'm going to wear make up for my sewing project self-portraits. Maybe. Probably not.

P.S. Total project time was approximately an hour and a half. Most the time was spent ripping stitches to separate the bottom band.
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