Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audition Adventure - Gainesville Edition

Saturday Zane and I drove up to Gainesville for an audition. This is the farthest I've driven for a role, so far. I had my scene memorized, but it was all of five lines. I didn't know anything about the film outside this scene.

Zane read The Hunger Games to me, while I drove us up there. I can't read in the car. Motion sickness.

The wait time wasn't too bad, since I was pretty punctual. I never know what to do in a room of actors waiting to audition for the same role. I saw one girl that I had seen at a callback last month, so we said our hellos. But other than that, I remained relatively quiet.

Others knew each other from school or work or whatnot. They chatted, mentioning things they knew about the film, like how there was a requirement for a monologue.

Uh, what? Oh well, I already have a monologue memorized. I guess I'll use that one.

Then one of the actors addressed me by saying to his friend that it was nice to meet new people, but that I was just sitting there silently. I smiled, but didn't reply. What's the protocol there? Then his friend asked what part I was reading for, so I replied. Still not sure about the protocol. I'm so awkward sometimes.

When I got called, the first guy said, "Good luck, Deborah." Nice guy, or he was just teasing me. Who knows.

Anyways, I got in there and did a pretty fantastic job, if I don't say so myself. They asked if I had a monologue, so I said my pretty serious, filmic monologue from Autumn in New York. Then I left and Zane and I went to Cici's, then headed back to Orlando.

Well, today I looked up the film, and it's a comedy. Like, the description says, "Scrubs meets The Hangover." I'm pretty sure my monologue about having a terminal illness is not really what they're looking for. Maybe I dazzled them so much with my read, that I'll still get a callback, but I won't be putting money on it.

Note to self: do as much research as possible on a film before auditioning.
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