Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make Up Delinquent

I'm new to makeup. In high school I did eye liner, and I've done cover-up since I can remember. But in college I kind of checked-out of makeup. I only used it for special occasions and even then, only sparingly.

Guess what I've learned recently? Makeup enhances beauty. At least for me it does!

I'm in an auditions class, and my acting teacher has become a sort of personal manager for her students. A few weeks in, I asked her about how I look on camera, and she immediately had me try on her lipsticks. I felt like I was thirteen again at a slumber party doing makeovers.

The next week, after I purchased the exact same lipstick that she had me try on, I saw myself on camera. The first thing that went through my head was, "Oh, that's what my lips look like!"

Here's what I use, which I am now in love with:
Covergirl Outlast. It comes with one lipstick (or lip paint) and one gloss to shine up the matte color. 

After the lip paint dries, it stays on for hours. I have to use makeup remover to get it off. 
These are my colors. The middle one is my go-to for auditions. 

I just bought the lightest one today, and I love it too. I wanted an everyday color. 

I'm slowly learning the ways of makeup, one method at a time, whether it's lipstick colors or highlighting the tear duct part of my eyes. It's an art, people! Though I do consider myself an artist, I'm still not used to this medium or canvas.

P.S. I googled the spelling of "makeup" and the following are commonly used: make-up, make up, makeup. You decide which is right.
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