Friday, October 23, 2015

Ariel and Ursula at Disney Springs

This year for Halloween I couldn't decide between two different costume ideas, so I decided to do both! First is a repeat from last year: Ariel and Ursula. We were already planning a family day to Disney Springs today, which gave them the perfect venue to wear coordinating Disney costumes!

Daisy wore her same Ariel costume from last year that I specifically made big for her last year, hoping she could wear it for a long time. This year's changes include a *real* Ariel tiara, Ariel bow, and pink flip flops. 

Amy's wearing the same Ursula tentacles from last year, when she was two weeks old. I painted a plain white onesie yesterday. I wanted to repeat this costume because (1) Daisy asked to be Ariel again, and (2) Amy didn't really get to fully embody Ursula last year, so I felt she needed another chance to rock it. And she did. She totally rocked it. 

Last year, Zane and I dressed as Flotsam and Jetsum, but we skipped participating today. We've got a family costume planned for Halloween next week, though. 

Disney Springs is a great, free way to experience Disney. Since they opened up the new parking garage and a new bridge from Fulton's to Rainforest Cafe, it's even easier than ever to navigate. 

We enjoyed the Lego store. Daisy built a car to race. Amy wandered about and got lots of comments and compliments on her Ursula costume. She especially liked playing peekaboo with one of the cast members. 

If you're going to dress as a princess, the best place to go is Disney, because all of the cast members say, "Good morning, Princess!" when they see you. Daisy acted like it was totally normal. I just loved that everyone recognized their costumes. I guess it's a form of artwork for me, so it's fun to share my "craft" with others. 

I used to avoid gift shops, but now we meander through them. Daisy doesn't ask or expect to get anything, but she loves to browse merchandise and see all the different princess paraphernalia, and so do Zane and I. We also had to get photos with their respective characters.  

Last time we were at Disney Springs in June, this splash pad was getting renovated, but it was open today. We were the only family that brought swimsuits. The girls loved it until Daisy took a semi-nasty fall, which ended the fun for her. I kept trying to get her back in, but she was over it. I think it was too close to lunch time to overcome any negative experiences. Next time I'm bringing water shoes for better traction. 

We walked around a little more, and ended up leaving by 1pm for lunch offsite to save money. It was a beautiful day. When we arrived at 10am, it was breezy and cool, but by the afternoon it was hot, so the walk back to the garage was sweaty. 

There's still lots of construction happening at Disney Springs. We were speculating about what additions they're making. We were there last Christmas, and the construction negatively affected our experience, but today it wasn't as noticeable. There's already so much new stuff, that there's less focus on the messiness of construction, and I think they'll be done by 2016. I'm excited to see the finished product. 

Anyways, it was a fun family day! Stay tuned for the official family costume! 

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