Monday, July 20, 2015

Daisy's Third Birthday

Daisy turned three at the end of June, but you know how life is, so here's my late blog post about her never-ending celebrations. 

We met my parents and sister's family in Davenport for a week-long getaway. I was a single parent for part of it, which was a little rough, because Amy had a cold and didn't sleep well in the condo. Daisy also had some potty regression while there, possibly because of the unfamiliar area or lack of routine. Not fun for momma, but I still got plenty of time to relax in the pool and hang out with family, so it was definitely fun. The pool had a water slide, zero-grade entry, and lazy river. We went to it every morning!

Leading up to Daisy's birthday, we went to the Fort Wilderness Chip and Dale sing-a-long. It was blazing hot, but we still had a great time roasting s'mores and singing silly campfire songs. We left before the free movie, because that would have been too late for the kids. 

My mom, sister, and I took Daisy to a little tea house in Davenport. It was very hometown, but Daisy loved it. She got bored and didn't really eat the food (she had some stomach issues during our trip, probably due to my poor attention to what she was eating), but she enjoyed the whole "tea" experience. 

We had a little family birthday party for Daisy at the condo, which she was really excited about. She loves parties. She helped decorate and pick out her cake from Publix. Helping to prepare for the party enhanced the experience for her. 

She loved it. She definitely gets birthdays. She wants the cake, the candles, the song, and the presents! She enjoys all the parts of a party. 

On her actual birthday, we went to Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. She was afraid of it at first, but Zane was able to walk her around and get her comfortable with the ambiance. She voiced her concern about how the elephants were separated from each other and probably wanted to be together. She still talks about the pretend rainstorm. 

Before and after lunch we walked around Disney Springs. There's so much free fun to be had there: legos, splash pad, shopping. Zane took her on the carousel too (not free). 

After our Orlando trip, we celebrated the Fourth of July with Zane's family and combined it with another little party for Daisy. We ran to Old Navy that morning to pick up some patriotic attire, because we didn't have anything for the girls. Plus, we're proud to be Americans, so we have to dress the part! 

Daisy loved her last party and being sung to once again. It was a very relaxing afternoon with the kids playing while the adults chatted. We indulged her by letting her have two cupcakes. We've come a long way in three years. 

Now we officially have a three year old! 

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