Sunday, July 26, 2015

Marta's Legacy by Francine Rivers

I haven't posted a book review in a long time, although I have been reading several books lately. I just finished a 2-book series by Francine Rivers called Marta's Legacy, which was split into the following two books: Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughter's Dream. (Follow the links to the Goodreads pages for other reviews, but don't read too much and spoil the story for yourself!).

I wanted to buy a different book online and was trying to buy enough for free shipping, so I browsed Goodreads and found that Francine Rivers had a new (okay, a few years old now) series about mothers and daughters, so I bought them, not expecting to read them so quickly.

I couldn't put them down. I should have known.

They're a saga for sure, starting in the early 1900's and going through to present day. It follows four generations of women in one family, focusing on the mother-daughter relationships.

Oh my goodness. Aside from the extremely interesting history of the 20th century, my eyes were opened in a new way to understanding not only my mother and grandmother, but people in general and how we interpret our experiences and let those experiences shape us.

The books are just brilliant.

I felt the need to seek reconciliation with family members and pray more fervently for my daughters' futures, which as much as I try to shape, is ultimately in the Lord's hands. It also helped me to better accept people as they are instead of frustratingly wishing they would change or trying to make them change and only causing conflict. Even in a family of generations of believers, there are things that cause hurt and misunderstandings. My experiences are different than the characters' in the books, but the same concepts apply.

It put me in a very reflective mood, which is one of my happy places.

I was going to share a beautiful quote from the end of the book, but I decided not to, because it may be too much of a spoiler, and I want everyone to experience these women's stories like I did.

I strongly recommend these books!

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