Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mom of Two: Nine Months In

Amy has been amazing us with her development this month. She started saying "baba" "gaga" "mama" sounds. I don't know if she has associated any meaning to them yet. She responds to "no" with obedience. We say that a lot when she's going for Rufio's food or treats. 

She stands completely unassisted and walks easily along surfaces. She can also walk across the room with a walking toy. She has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and will fuss and crawl into the room with all the action if necessary. 

She LOVES watermelon. Hands down, watermelon is her favorite food. Unlike her sister, she doesn't like beans very much. She's not really a fan of vegetables, but will eat anything we put in her mouth. That means that if she won't feed herself peas and carrots, I can put them on a spoon and she'll eat them just fine from me feeding her. 

She loves her Daddy. Everyday when Zane gets home, she drops down to the floor and speed crawls to the door. She fusses until he picks her up, then looks around at us like, "Yep, that's my dad."

Unfortunately, she has been very off with her sleep lately. Last month I reported that she was dropping to four feedings and sleeping through the night. HAH! She must have known I wrote that, because she went back to five feedings (but now we're working on four again), and has been waking anywhere between 4-6am, no matter what time she goes to sleep the night before. 

Daisy slept so much better when she was a baby, but she was a thumb-sucker. Amy loses her paci a lot, even after we bought the Wubbanubs. It's just a phase, though, right? 

I love that photo sequence. Daisy was trying to help Amy by giving her Rapunzel, but it looks like she's pushing her out of the way to be center stage. Daisy is a very sweet older sister and only has occasional lapses. 

Months one through nine

As for me and my "mom of two" adjustment, this month was more difficult than usual. Right now, they are playing happily together with trains, but it's not always like that. Zane is on the very tail-end of his nursing program, and this is day 7 in a row of being alone with the girls while he is in clinicals or working on school work. My brain is turning to mush. I just don't know how single moms do it.

Oh, and I got a cold this week. I'm tired. 

Deep breaths. I can do this. There have been a lot of "Oh, God, help me through this day" prayers this week. Just real life, you know. 

Sometimes I look at them and think, "I'm way to young to be a mom. There's no way I'm your mom." I still feel like I'm 23 (until I hang out with a 23 year-old), but I'm not. I'm almost 30, and I have two dependents, and boy are they dependent! 

My days are made up of fussiness, sweet little moments, and times of complete silence if I get both girls to nap simultaneously. We've had a lot of fun on playdates with various friends, and I know that I would much rather do this than go to work for the man. 

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