Sunday, June 1, 2014

Soooo...We're Pregnant Again!

That's right! If you haven't heard it through the grapevine, we are expecting baby number two in mid-October, which if you do the math, means I'm about halfway through my pregnancy.

This baby number two hasn't been as world-shaking as the first in almost every way. As a second-born child, I am simultaneously totally okay with this and insanely jealous.

I had been putting off more kids due to logistics with Zane in school and me working, et cetera, et cetera, but I prayed through my reasons for preventing and decided that they weren't very faith-based. I felt maternally ready to have another kid and was starting to resent my reasons for preventing. Zane was basically ready whenever. His view is to defer to the wife, since her body's doing the work. In January we said, "Okay, God, we're doing our part and will wait on your timing to give us another baby."

For reasons we'll never know, we waited years for Daisy and couple weeks for baby number two. Such different stories, but both of them special. I trust that God has his reasons for his timing.

Baby in my belly has taken the back burner in my mind with everything else going on since January:
  • Nursing schools
    • Applying
    • Waiting to hear back
    • Deciding which one to go to
  • Choosing to move cities
    • Listing our house on the market
    • Selling the house
    • Packing the house
  • Quitting our jobs
    • Training replacements at those jobs
    • Arranging new health insurance 
  • Finding a place to live in Tampa
    • Having our apartment in Tampa fall through
    • Finding a new apartment the week of moving
  • Moving our lives to a new city

My first trimester flew by with minimal sickness. I attribute this to busyness and being better prepared. I ate frequently, drank plenty of water, and slept 12-hour nights. I think it's also because this is a nice baby, and I hope he/she continues in this sweet, compliant manner after birth.

Because of the move and change of insurance, I haven't had a prenatal visit yet. I didn't want to pay into a deductible, then lose all that money. Everything has been going smoothly. I'm growing at a normal rate and experiencing all the right symptoms at the right time. I feel the baby moving everyday now.

I visited three birth centers in the first week after our move to a new city (three stories of their own) and decided on Labor of Love Birth Center. I'm planning a non-medicated, water birth, and my first visit is this week.

Things are starting to settle down a little. I can finally reflect on life, spend extended time with Daisy, and enjoy focusing on baby in my belly. So much as changed in a few months, and in only a few months more, we'll have another person in the house (outside my womb). It looks like 2014 is a year of change for us, and I'm okay with that.

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