Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY: Fleece Play Eggs

I made Daisy a kitchen for Christmas. Ever since, I've been wanting to add to her food collection, particularly eggs. She eats eggs every morning for breakfast and often asks for them at other meals. I think she'll really enjoy cooking and "eating" her own eggs with her own kitchen utensils.

I think I saw this on Pinterest a while ago, so it's not really an original idea. But here's how I did it:

  • 6-12 white plastic eggs - I found a dozen pack at Hobby Lobby around Easter. I was planning on painting colored eggs white, but I lucked out with these. 
  • 1 empty egg carton - I specifically bought half a dozen eggs in a cardboard carton, so I could reuse the carton for this project. 
  • White fleece - less than 1/8 yard
  • Yellow fleece - less than 1/8 yard (scraps will do!) 
  • White chalk

1. Cut the white fleece into circular shapes. I wasn't too strict on it being an exact circle, because they're eggs! They rarely cook in a perfect circle. They're about 3-4'' in diameter.

2. Cut 2''x2'' yellow squares, one for each white circle. Place a yellow square in the middle of the circle, and draw a circle on it with chalk.

3. Sew the yellow and white fleece together using the chalk-line circle as a guide.

4. Cut the excess yellow fabric away, leaving a yellow circle. A lovely little yolk!

5. Repeat for however many eggs you want to make. Then fold each egg yolk and stuff it into a plastic shell.

That's it! It took me about 30 minutes to make six and stuff them. I can't wait to give them to Daisy on her birthday!
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