Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Craft Fair Recap

Last weekend I participated as a vendor in my church's inaugural arts and craft fair. I had initially turned down the opportunity thinking I didn't have any time to sew and craft with working and caring for Daisy, but then I thought about going to the craft fair and not being a vendor, and I knew I would regret it. I had also been wanting to start an Etsy shop for a long time.

So, two weeks before the craft fair, I signed on.

I said to myself, "I'll just make five Florida pillows and ten Sleepy the Elephants." But once my creative gears started cranking, I couldn't help myself.

I made 23 Sleepy the Elephants, 24 Lovey the Peacocks, 24 I Heart Florida pillows, 5 tutus, 4 flower headbands, 5 bow headbands, and 3 ornaments. I also got business cards, opened an Etsy shop, and did my best to design an eye-catching craft fair display.  

I didn't really have time for any of that. It's amazing what you can manage when you're excited about something.

I didn't sell as much as I had hoped, but I did sell things! I also got several custom orders and basically stocked my Etsy shop with everything that didn't sell.

It was a really fun experience, but quite exhausting!! I used to be full-on extroverted, but I think in the last few years, I've crossed over to the introvert side. All the social energy, small-talk, and engaging strangers in conversation knocked me out. I love people; I really do, but I'm a bone fide homebody now.

This week I have finished five custom I Heart Florida pillows, which I'll post pictures of in another post. I'm also working on a logo and brainstorming more cute products to create!

Special thanks to Zane for taking care of meals and Daisy while I worked my butt off. Special thanks to Daisy for playing with a spool of thread in the craft room and taking naps to allow me time to work on all this stuff.

Please visit my Etsy shop, and if you have an idea for a custom order, don't hesitate to ask!
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