Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom of Two: One Month In

I made it a whole month! We all survived! In some ways, this has been a long month, and in other ways I feel like I just had Amy yesterday! Really, not much has changed since I wrote this post two weeks ago. I'm still experiencing the same struggles and victories. 

The main difference between having one baby and having a baby and a toddler is this: less daytime sleep. It's funny, because I wrote this post about being sleep deprived after Daisy was born. HAH! I had no idea what sleep deprived felt like then. 

Another big difference is how much I have to let the baby cry. I tend to her as quickly as I can, but there are times when I hear her crying in her little rocker thing, and I'm in the middle of helping Daisy dress or putting her to bed or cleaning up her potty. Amy has to wait for me. She's very patient and forgiving. 

I'm pretty sure Daisy never had to wait long for me to get her when she was one month old. That could contribute to why when Daisy cries now, she's not nearly as patient for me to tend to her.

I think I was a lot more light-hearted about everything after Daisy was born. This time I'm a little more on edge. I didn't have a toddler peeing on my couch and pooping in panties before (that was a rough day). Things are different now. 

I have to consciously remember and enjoy the happy parts of the day and dismiss the unhappy parts. 

There are plenty of happy parts too. Amy started smiling. Daisy continues to carry on hilarious conversations with us. Zane and I get a few restful moments together at the end of each day. We can actually hug each other without a basketball between us. It's the little things! 

We went to church on Sunday for the first time since Amy was born. That was a victory! This week, I finally left the house with both girls all by myself. Another victory! That which seemed impossible a few days after Amy's birth was actually not bad at all. I'm slowly starting to feel more capable. 

Only a few more weeks of this crazy busy semester for Zane. I'm SO looking forward to his break from school. Four 12-hour days in a row, plus studying on the weekends is really wearing on us. After this semester he's halfway to graduation! 

Every day is a little easier than the last. Eventually we will find a normal routine. It's close. I'm thinking I'll feel normal again by January. Too soon? I hope not! 
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