Monday, November 3, 2014

Amy's Infant Photos - DIY

When Daisy was born, we were very blessed to have a friend take some great infant photos free of charge. When I was pregnant with Amy, I did some research on infant photos and decided to attempt it on my own. I followed It's Always Autumn's advice on taking DIY infant photos. 

I don't have super duper camera, just a point-and-shoot Cannon Powershot. It takes pretty good pictures though, and with my large west-facing window and photoshop (the free online editing tool), I was able to get some pretty sweet pictures of my 5-day old infant. 

I think they turned out pretty good for being edited by an amateur!

Here's the original: 
See? Pretty good, right? 

Okay, back to the nice, edited photos: 

I originally edited the photos on my Mac with the photo preview tool. I didn't have time or motivation to go back and re-edit them all in photoshop, so the less-professionally edited ones are below. I basically just adjusted the colors a little and lightened the exposure.

This is obviously not a professional pose for infant photos, but I just love her skinny little legs in it!

Below was my first attempt at a sibling picture. As soon as I told Daisy we were done, she slipped out from under her crying sister. We'll keep trying. 

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