Saturday, October 18, 2014

Overdue at the Pumpkin Patch

Babies are like wizards. They are never late. Nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to. 

This week has been a week of waiting and trying to be patient as the days continue on past my due date. Each night I say, "If she doesn't come tonight, then tomorrow I'll do this and this." Last night, Zane and I decided we'd hit up a pumpkin patch if Amy didn't come, and so this morning we did. 

We met Grandma at the Plant City Methodist Church pumpkin patch and took lots of photos. Daisy had a great time, except for the bugs. She hates bugs, so she got spooked a few times from flies or lady bugs or wasps. 

We picked out a nice, big pumpkin to put Amy in for a Fall hazing photo shoot, like we did with Daisy a couple years ago. Daisy loves those pictures of herself in a pumpkin. "Did you put me in a pumpkin when I was a little baby?" 

Zane and I are both surprised Amy has waited this long to be born. I went through weeks of fear that I'd go into preterm labor, and now I'm three days past my due date. What a waste of anxiety! I'm getting the full pregnancy experience, plus some. 

Taking photos of Zane with a pumpkin over his belly was my consolation if I had to go one more day. I don't have a consolation for tomorrow, so I'll have to think of something. 

I'm trying have fun with this belly, while I still have it. But, boy, am I ready to go through the fire to get a baby instead! I've had plenty of contractions over the past couple weeks, but they're always spaced way apart. One of these times will be THE time. 

The sweet ladies working the pumpkin patch said I didn't look overdue. I appreciate that, but it also makes me wonder if I have even more days to go until I look overdue enough for Amy to actually come. How much longer? We shall see. 

We had a fun morning outing. We got our pumpkin for Amy and our pictures. Daisy picked a mini-pumpkin for herself. I even scavenged some pumpkin stems for future craft projects. Nothing else on the agenda but having a baby! 

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