Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcycled Daisy Pillows

Daisies are my favorite flower. I've had a couple ugly pillows on my couch for a while, and today I just felt like sewing. So I made these two Daisy pillows while Daisy napped.  

I went through my fabric and give-away stash and found a few pieces that would work. A blue t-shirt, my yellow t-shirt from my Pikachu costume, the white jacket from my valance project, and a green king-size pillow case that someone gave me. 

I cut two 17'' squares from the t-shirt. I cut the jacket into strips. The white strips would become the petals on the blue background.

I sewed each strip down the middle. 

It took five strips for each blue square.  

Then I cut the sleeve off the yellow shirt. I cut the sleeve in half, and put it in the middle of the flower. 

I flipped it over and placed a piece of tissue paper with a circle drawn on it on the center of the circle, right on top of where the yellow sleeve would be. 

I sewed along the circle. 

Then I trimmed the excess yellow fabric off to finish the daisy center applique.  

The last step was to trim each petal end in a curve and hand-sew them down if needed. I also ironed them out. Then I used the green pillow case as the backing, stuffed the pillow and hand-sewed it closed. 

The whole project took about three hours. I had to take breaks and finished up the hand-sewing after Daisy went to sleep tonight. 

I'm still getting used to my new work schedule, but every week gets easier. I keep finding extra time on my hands for little projects like this which make me happy. These are sweet smiling daisy pillows just in time for our super early Florida spring. 

Happy Tuesday!
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