Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year News

Happy New Year!

2013 started me back to work full-time (30 hours). The past two weeks have been quite an adjustment for me as I navigate motherhood, work, and household management. I'm also trying to spend the last days of my sister's visit to the states before she returns to the other side of the world, literally.

I'm back at work so that my dear hubs can go back to school. Yep, he's in prerequisite classes right now on the road to becoming a MURSE (that's a male-nurse, everybody)! We made the decision back in July right after Daisy was born, but I waited to announce it on the blog until we were actually doing it. I guess I've spent the last few months in denial. Being home with Daisy for her first six months of life was incredibly special, and I will always be thankful for those lazy days of cuddles and naps.

But, wow! Let me tell you what - I have MAJOR respect, compassion for working moms now. Double that respect and compassion for single, working moms.

Zane has been a HUGE help. He watches Daisy on his days with no classes. On those days at home, he also washes diapers, vacuums, cooks, and says things like, "What else can I do to help you?" Yes, he is an incredible man.

Daisy's six months old now. Her first two teeth arrived mid-December. She's eating lots of pureed solids: pumpkin, black beans, avocado, summer squash, zucchini, carrots, apples, pears, bananas, rice cereal. She hasn't rejected any of them so far, but carrots are definitely on the bottom of her list. Pears are her favorite.

She's not crawling yet, but she rolls back and forth and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks forwards and backwards. 

No belly laughs yet, just giggles. She gets the most smiley when Rufio runs around. Our ridiculous efforts to make her laugh are all in vain. Dancing, singing, funny faces, strange noises only elicit smiles at best. I can't wait for that big giggly laugh whenever it comes. 

She's on a pretty regular schedule with 2-3 naps a day and night sleep from 7pm to 7am (with one feeding at 10pm). She loves walks and car rides. She loves chewing on everything. She loves to watch football with daddy. 

Daisy also loves people. We are fairly certain we have an extroverted child. She will be fussy with me or Zane, but once we take her into public, she brightens up. 

My job is not really stressful, but being away all day is tiring. After a long day at work, I navigate rush hour traffic and walk in the door to my sweet family. Zane exclaims, "Mommy's home!" and Daisy gives me a big smile! Then she flaps her arms up and down and coos. My heart just melts, and I can't help but smile back at her and kiss her and hold her. No one can stay stressed when a baby's smiling right at you. 

When I'm at work, though, I'm very relaxed. My work environment is really fun and low-key. I have to work, then I'm in the best job possible. The stress of working is more about juggling roles and responsibilities than doing finance tasks at an office all day. 

Whatever new challenges this year holds with scheduling, education, and work, Daisy makes it fun and worth every minute. And someday, Zane will be a nurse. 
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