Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zane Graduated, and I Made a Video

Zane graduated from nursing school this past weekend. Three years of our lives revolved around this one goal, and this weekend he ran across the finish line. Here's a little video I compiled of the events:

The last month was crazy as we got closer to the end. I felt like I didn't see him very much, even though I was seeing him more than I had last Fall when we had the baby.

Then he was done, and I was seeing him a lot. He didn't take a break. He just went from 75% student/ 25% family (exaggerated) to 100% family. He immediately jumped into "give Deb a break" mode. He let me sleep in multiple times in a week and even took the kids away for several hours in a day so that I could relax, read, sew, whatever. He still does all the grocery shopping and dog-walking.

I felt like I was the one who graduated and was getting a reward pampering! This man is so sacrificial!

After Saturday's graduation festivities (shown in the video above), I fell into somewhat of a funk. Sunday was hard. I was listless. This was partly because Amy kept me up a lot teething the night before and partly because I was anxiously wondering, "Now what?" My dreams and aspirations that I've been putting on hold for the last few years still seem far out of reach.

Zane gave me another day-long break on Monday to work on Etsy sewing, but I ended up using the time to make that graduation video. I needed to stop and mark the journey that we just came through.

My tendency is to get onto the next thing, but our next thing isn't happening for a while. Zane was offered a job (Hallelujah!) in Tampa, and our rent is too amazingly low to give up. If those reasons aren't enough, we also have a depleted savings account that needs to be replenished after 15 months of no income.

I was antsy, anxious, and fearful of getting stuck here forever.

As I worked on the video, I reflected on how God has always provided for us better than what/when I would have maybe chosen. His path is always the right time and the right place. Even all the details of us moving to Brandon point to God's perfect timing. I know that when He wants us to move along to the next thing, it will be clear. For now, I've got to keep on keepin' on (thanks, Joe Dirt!) and learn to love (thanks, Ciara!) where we are now.

"Here" isn't that bad, either. My social calendar is usually full, we have plenty of childcare, and we're less than a couple hours from basically anywhere we'd want to go.

So, yay! Zane's done with school! Come see us in Brandon, and we'll take you to Wow! That's Fresh!...because we eat there a lot.
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