Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mom of Two: Ten Months In

Ten months! It's hard to believe that the anniversary of my labor (a.k.a. Amy's birthday) is just around the corner. I'm having lots of memories from "this time last year" when I was hugely pregnant. For example, this week we took Rufio for his annual shots, and I remembered being incredibly uncomfortable in the August heat last year. It's so much nicer having the baby in the stroller than in my belly!

Amy's biggest milestone this month was taking her first steps. She can toddle short distances and gets very excited while she's doing it. If she needs to go from room to room, she was choosing to crawl, but just today, she started tentatively toddling across a large room.

Her top four teeth came through different days in the same week, which could explain a lot of sleepless nights we had this month. She learned to eat from a pouch, which is very convenient for me! She also started drinking from a transitional sippy cup.

She has started mimicking behavior, like dancing and clapping. She also dances on her own to music, which has pumped up family dance parties even more.

This month, Amy dropped two breast feedings in two weeks. I was kind of glad it happened, because Zane and I are going out of town without the kids in September, so I wanted to drop down to two or three feedings by then (we were doing five a day). I didn't expect her to drop them that fast. I think my hormones got a little out of whack from it, because I had a good two weeks of anxiety and depression for no apparent reason afterward. I'm not even sure if I'm feeling back to normal yet.

My main symptom of life these days is tiredness. Amy has been sleeping well at night this week, but last week she was not. The last couple days, both girls have been sleeping late in the morning (7:00am), which has been wonderful. I'm hoping that lasts! 

Amy is on the go and exploring! We're continually baby-proofing with each new level of development.

As for being a mom of two ten months in, I realized this month that I feel more stress, anxiety, and negative self-image when I'm looking at myself, measuring my "mom-ness," or worrying about getting my to-do list done. I feel more joy, peace, and appreciation for life when I'm looking at my kids and experiencing the moment. I still working on the latter.
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