Monday, September 29, 2014

Fort DeSoto Family Day

Everyone is all, "Yay, Fall! Pumpkins, corn mazes, Halloween!" Well, we did a fall beach trip, because we're Floridians, and we can.

Daisy had been asking to go to the beach last week. She found her beach toys and really wanted to play with them. We decided to skip church and go to the beach, since it would be the last opportunity of the year. It could even be our last family adventure before Amy arrives.

Daisy was pumped!

We chose Fort DeSoto because I wanted something less touristy. We definitely got what we wanted. We were the ONLY people on the beach from about 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

We did, however, get to spend lots of time with birds. There was a lovely sandbar that we lounged on under the watchful eye of an egret (or heron or crane...not sure). We watched pelicans floating and diving not too far from us. Then a flock of some other little birds flew closely by us and landed on the beach right in front of us. I guess our little party of three didn't bother any of them too much.

We had a nice little picnic lunch on the blanket and relaxed in the warm sun. 

There was a very pleasant breeze and plenty of birds and boats to watch. 

Daisy got to play with her beach toys. She thoroughly covered Zane with sand. 

I built some castles with her, but she's not quite to that stage yet. 

After another quick excursion to the sand bar to rinse off, we packed up our things and headed home. 

It was a perfect beach day and a nice ending to September. 

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