Sunday, September 14, 2014

Amy's Love Birds and the Girls' Room

A few weeks ago, Zane and I rearranged Daisy's room to prepare for our new addition. We got a toddler bed for Daisy and converted the crib back to newborn height. Right now the room is split with a bed on either side, so each girl has her own wall decorations.

I put Amy's letters above the crib, but her name is so small, that it just didn't seem like enough. I tried using some existing artwork we had, but it just wasn't right, so I thought up a new project just for her that required no spending, because I had all the materials on hand.

Love birds!

I took apart my upcycled puzzle box wall decor, which I blogged about here. There's not a place for it in our new apartment, and they've just been collecting dust. 

I cut the new fabric using the old fabric as a pattern. 

Then I sketched a bird on a scrap of cardstock. I eyeballed the size that I wanted based on the creases on the old fabric. 

Daisy helped. Mainly she drew on other scraps of cardstock while I worked.

The rest of the steps are undocumented, because I got into the groove and didn't take pictures. Basically, I cut out the cardstock drawing for my pattern to create two identical, but opposite-facing applique birds. I appliqued wings on them, then appliqued the birds to the middle of my pink damask fabric. Then I added the little bows on each one. General applique instructions can be found in my birthday onesie post

Then I covered the puzzle boxes with the fabric and used hot glue to adhere it. Those steps can be found in my prevous post about upcycling puzzle boxes. 

That was basically it. I hung them on the wall on either side of Amy's name. This photo of her name isn't that great, but I have a thermal curtain on the window, so the natural light is limited.

And here's Daisy's side of the room with her mermaid bed. 

Almost ready for Amy to come! I still have one big project to do, which is adding another clothes hanging shelf in the closet for double the clothes. That requires some major re-organizing of stuff around the apartment. Nothing we can't do, though. :)
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