Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rounding Third Base, Pregnancy Style

I don't have a picture of my pregnant self running across an actual third base plate, which I acknowledge would be awesome, if not a little scary. What I mean is that I've rounded the symbolic, gestational third base by entering my third trimester.

My belly is getting kind of big.

Beach day at 29 weeks!

Compared to how much I gushed about my pregnancy with Daisy, I have been pretty blog silent about this pregnancy. That's partly because I'm busy with the first kid, but also partly because I don't know what to share. Everything was so new and cute and fun with Daisy, and this time it's like, "Oh, cool, Amy's doing the same things Daisy did in utero."

I've had an all-around easier pregnancy this time around. Daisy's was pretty easy too, though.

I'm less swollen this pregnancy, which I attribute to a better diet (no donuts, soda, fruit loops, or chips). I can feel the difference of eating healthier. I drink a ton of water, but I probably should be exercising more.

My biggest complaint is the Florida heat. I remember hating it when I was pregnant with Daisy, but I delivered her in June. This time I have the whole darn summer, including my least favorite month: August. Daisy and I will be spending lots of time in the pool and in a dark room under a ceiling fan over the next few months.

Only 11 weeks to go!
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