Saturday, April 12, 2014

Springtime Updates

I can't believe it has been three months since I last posted. Yes, I can. It's been crazy around here with changes on deck and chaos on stage. Here's a brief update from the last three months in two parts.

Part 1: Three events, one from each month: 

1. In February we drove up to Acworth, Georgia to visit my sister and brother-in-law over my birthday weekend. We ate at fun restaurants and basically spent the weekend lounging indoors and playing at different local parks.
This is literally the only picture I took the whole weekend. 

We also watched Austenland, which I absolutely adored. I think I actually liked the movie better than the book, which might be a first.

2. In March, we did a family beach day. I only know that this happened in March, because of the date on my iPhotos. It was really fun, and Daisy wore this:

And this happened five minutes after we got into the car to come home: 

3. In the beginning of April, Zane and I celebrated six years of marriage. My parents watched Daisy overnight, and Zane and I spent the day, evening, and next morning kid-free. We ate lunch at Greek Village in Lake Mary, got pedicures in Sanford at Aruba Nails, shopped a little, walked around downtown Mt. Dora, and ate dinner at The Lost Parrot. The next day we had breakfast at Keke's and went putt-putting on i-drive. 

I highly approve and recommend all the restaurants we visited. They all scored high on my restaurant-rating list (price, taste, atmosphere, service).

Zane at Greek Village

These were all fun things to do without a toddler. Plus, we wanted to enjoy the sights of Orlando, because...

Part 2: ...we're moving to Tampa next month! 

Zane has been in the process of becoming a nurse for the past two years, ever since Daisy was born. He applied to two different accelerated bachelor's programs and was accepted into both of them, because he's a genius. We weighed lots of factors and decided to take the leap and move to Tampa.

We're quitting our jobs and selling our house. We have had two offers already, and it's only been on the market for a couple weeks. We're in the process of accepting one of those offers. 

It's been very surreal and strange preparing to leave my job of six years. I haven't fully accepted it yet and will probably reflect on this whole experience in later months. I have mixed feelings of excitement for finally getting to stay at home with Daisy and FOMO (fear of missing out) of all the good things at my job with my coworkers, with whom I have really enjoyed working. 

Zane starts classes mid May. The program is intense, but he'll graduate with his BSN in August 2015. I'll be staying home with Daisy, and my goals for the summer are potty training, toddler bed, and swim lessons. We'll see how it goes. 

This is all the special stuff happening. It's mixed in with our day-to-day, which has consisted of opposite work schedules, attempting to fit in friend time and maid-of-honor duties, Etsy shop work, and general life stuff like chores and family time. Hopefully with my new stay-at-home status, I can blog more frequently and share my crazy daily adventures with you.
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