Friday, April 18, 2014

Daisy's First Easter Egg Hunt!

Today, Daisy experienced her first official Easter egg hunt with a small group from our church. The hunting was divided into two groups: older and younger kids. 

For Daisy's age group (younger kids), they just spread the eggs over the lawn for the kids to collect. I expected a mad dash collection, but most of the kids walked past several eggs before ever picking up one for their baskets. 

I had to coerce Daisy to collect eggs. At first she wanted to open each egg as soon as she picked it up. I told her to open them later. Then, she didn't want to touch the eggs on the ground because they were dirty (they had grass stuck to them). Then she got distracted by a fun chain-link fence. Eventually I said, "Find the dirty ones!" and that gave her enough motivation to gather up some eggs in her basket. 

She collected about 12 eggs. Most were filled with candy, which she actually didn't know what to do with. I let her eat a Hershey kiss, which ended up all over her face, but that was cute too. (She later ate two more on her own (unsupervised) since she now knows what they are). 

I was impressed with the variety of non-candy treats in the eggs. Other than chocolates and peeps, parents filled their eggs with teddy grahams, crackers, stamps, stickers, and little toys. We brought eggs with Easter-themed erasers and Hershey kisses. I also considered mardi gras beads and plastic rings from the dollar store. 

A great time was had by all!

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