Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine Costume

My department at work decided to dress as Star Trek characters for Halloween this year - any character, any series. The first character that came to my mind was Jadzia Dax (pictured below on the right).

The character on the left in the above photo is Kira Nerys. I was a kid when Deep Space Nine was airing, and my sister's favorite character Dax, so when we played Star Trek (yes, we were that cool), I was always Kira, and she was Dax. I considered being Kira for Halloween, but the nose ridges were difficult to pull off compared to Dax's head and neck spots.

That being said, here's how I made my Dax costume. 

Step 1: Badge. See my tutorial on DIY Star Trek communicator badges.

Step 2: Clothing. 

I don't have time, nor am I a serious cosplayer, so my costume is very basic. Dax wears all black with a turquoise panel around her shoulders. I layered a black high-neck t-shirt (inside out, because it has a design on it) with a turquoise v-neck. If I folded the shirt up, it looked pretty close.

I decided to cut the shirt in half. The only problem is I painted flowers on it (remember when I did that?). I had already decided to get rid of this shirt, so cutting it up wasn't a problem. 

I cut it, hemmed it, and ironed on a circle of fabric over the flower. I wish it didn't have the "patch," but I don't have time or motivation to go find another turquoise shirt, so it will have to do. 

Step 3: Neck spots.  

Dax's main alien feature is her pathway of spots that goes from the middle of her forehead down her entire body, I guess. I studied a few photos before going to work on myself.

I was glad I had a high-neck shirt. I basically just gave myself irregular spots and circles with eyeliner from forehead to neck. 

I used my little medicine cabinet mirror to get the peripheral parts of my neck and under my ear. I literally studied a photo of her and did my best to copy the markings.  

Voila! Dax. 

Happy Halloween!

Bonus: Here's our group!

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