Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend Mini-Vacation to Savannah

We recently took a little mini-vacation to see our friend Jimbo graduate from marine boot camp at Parris Island, SC. It was a nice little getaway for us, where we could support him and spend some family time in Savannah on the way home. 

On the drive up, we stopped at Jekell Island Club. I had visions of grandeur, because I knew it was the vacation place for uppity ups back in the Biltmore and Flagler hay-day. We were not too impressed, plus it was hot as hades.

Daisy and me wishing for a swim.

That night in Beaufort, SC (near Parris Island), we met up with Zane's brother for dinner at Q on the Bay, which was good if you like Carolina BBQ. The food was really delicious (I got one fish taco and one brisket taco), but I was not happy with the amount of food per dollar spent when ordering a side other than french fries. Punished for eating healthy. 

After dinner we strolled around historic, downtown Beaufort. 

The next day we arrived at Parris Island not a minute too soon for the graduation. Jimbo's parents saved us PRIME seats in the second row of the bleachers (they arrived two hours early). As soon as the marines made it out on the pavement, it started to downpour. I ran under a tree with Daisy and several other onlookers. A couple minutes later, they dismissed the graduation. We hadn't even gotten to the national anthem.

Daisy and Jimbo. 

We had a lovely lunch with Jimbo and family and heard lots of fun stories about boot camp. It was cool to see him with his comrades and hear about training.

After lunch, Jimbo headed home, and we drove to Savannah. We checked into our hotel on Bay Street, right in the historic district, and rested for an hour or so. Daisy enjoyed the looking out the low window.

After a good rest, we regrouped for dinner and headed to Riverwalk.

Sassy momma. 

We ate dinner at Huey's on the River. Great Cajun food. I got shrimp and grits ($20 for a large serving), and it was AMAZING, if a little heavy.

My only recommendation would be to not sit in the bar area of the restaurant. I guess they sat us there because we said we would participate in happy hour (one sangria for me), but it resulted in distracted service, since our waiter was also tending the bar. 

Great food, great view of the river, and very friendly staff. 

After dinner we walked up and down Riverwalk. We saw several street performers and one outdoor concert by an acapella band from New Jersey. Unfortunately, I can't remember their name, but their performance of Journey's "Love Will Find You" teared me up. 

Awesome giant globe sculpture.

The next day, we took a trolley tour (Oglethorpe Tours) around the historic district. I highly recommend doing this because we would not have known what we were looking at otherwise. We learned about many of the beautiful buildings and squares. Daisy conveniently napped during the tour.

Whoops! My eyes are closed too, probably because we're passing the one ugly building in the city. 

She wasn't up for much walking, but she enjoyed hanging out in the town squares. Savannah is very unique with their parks at every block.

We had lunch at The District Cafe and Eatery, which I also recommend. I got an amazing peaches and brie pita. However, I had the same problem that I had at Q, where I felt like I paid more than was worth the amount of food I got. It was unique food and a fun environment, though. I guess I just expect to be full at the end of my meal.

Daisy liked the chalkboard tables. 

From there we played a bit more in Savannah before heading home and took pictures with buildings like this cute little house: 

It was a lovely weekend, and it was good to experience travel with Daisy as a toddler in preparation for our trip to China in September. 

Savannah! Go see it! 

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