Saturday, August 3, 2013

Homegrown Pineapple Harvest

The first or second year we were married, I propagated the tops of two grocery store pineapples. We've now been married nearly five and a half years, and I finally harvested our first pineapple. I almost gave the plants away right before they started to fruit.

Let's see the progression:
2010 (I brought them over in pots from our apartment)

2011. I planted them on the back porch, only to transplant them later to more sunlight. 

Later in 2011, they shot up in the full sunlight. 

April 2013, budding fruit. 

Today (photo not enhanced). 

Today I noticed that one of the pineapples was yellow, so I plucked it from the plant. I literally grabbed the top and twisted it gently until it popped off. 

We took a couple pictures, then I cut off the top (and disposed of it outside) and washed it really well, because there were little ants all over it. Then I cut it up and ate some.

The result?

It was not very tangy. It's mildly sweet. It reminds me of the Dole pineapple whips at Disney. I ended up eating several bites, because it didn't taste very acidic. It's been about two hours, and my tummy hurts. I guess it was secretly acidic. Darn, you!

Five years of waiting for this organic, home-grown, tropical delight, and now I wonder if it was worth it. Oh brother. 
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