Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cloth Wipes

I shared with you guys about making your own wipes, but using cloth wipes is even more economical, especially if you're already cloth diapering. Here are my two DIY disposable wipe posts for reference:

DIY Wipes - the best wipes solution recipe
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Cloth Wipes Supplies:

Baby Lotion
Baby Oil
Baby Wash
Spray Bottle (I use 32 oz)
Baby wash cloths

I bought a cleaning spray bottle from Target for $5.00. You can probably find these much cheaper. Then I doubled my disposable wipe solution recipe to fill the bottle. Here it is:

4 cups hot water
4 tbsp baby oil
4 tbsp baby wash
4 tbsp baby lotion (2-3 tbsp is fine too)

I use Babies R Us wash cloths. I have 24. You can buy them in 6 or 12-packs in the bath section. They're thin and don't have a bias tape edging. I have them in every color, because I don't bleach them. I cut all the tags off and washed them before first use.

I keep the spray solution and wipes in a basket on the dresser. When I'm changing Daisy, I pick up a wipe, spread it out on the dresser, spray it four or five times and wipe her bum. Then I toss it in the cloth diaper pail with her dirty diaper.

Just another way to save money during the diaper phase of life.
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