Monday, July 4, 2016

Pokemon Party Game: Catch That Pokemon!

This game is basically the same as a ball-and-cup game with a Pokemon twist. 


Red, white, and black paint 
Paint brush
White styrofoam cups
Yarn or string
Paper clips
Small Pokemon toys

STEP ONE: Paint the cups to look like Pokeballs. Let the first color dry before adding the next layer. 

STEP TWO: Cut yarn strips about 12'' long. Tie one end to a paper clip: 

STEP THREE: Poke small slit through bottom of styrofoam cup and slide paperclip in. 

STEP FOUR: Pull paper clip through and turn it sideways inside cup. 

STEP SIX: Tie other side of yarn to a Pokemon toy. 

To play the game, hold the cup with the toy hanging off the bottom. Swing the toy up and catch it in the cup. To add more challenge, try using your non-dominant hand. 

Have fun and Catch That Pokemon!!!

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