Friday, May 6, 2016

DIY Wubanub Repair

My 18 month-old is addicted to her pacifier. I tried to wean her over the past six months, but her behavior became very difficult (*I* had tearful episodes), and I finally decided that family harmony was more important than a toddler with a binky stuck to her face.

November 2015

We have loved the Wubanub! Amy has had three so far. Her elephant paci broke off, so we got her a frog, but we lost that in the Bass Pro Shop at Christmas (and they weren't very helpful in helping us find it...another post for another day). When we bought her the dinosaur, I said, "This is it! We're not buying her more pacifiers. They're intended for babies age 0-6 months!"

Well, this week the dinosaur binky fell off the wubanub. Zane wanted to buy another one, but they're $13, and I'm over buying her expensive pacifiers. I opened a package of pacifiers we already had from years ago, but she didn't like the shape of them.

I decided to take things into my own DIY hands.

First, I used a seam ripper to remove the chunk of pacifier that broke off and open the hole up to put in a new one.

I bought a 2-pack of 6+ month soothies for $6.50, which was still overpriced in my opinion, but at least I would be getting two wubanubs out of it, which would be $26. 

I inserted it into the hole and hand-sewed it in using a thimble to push the needle through the silicone. 

It was SEW easy!!

I actually made it harder for myself in two ways. First, I tried threading a strap through the holes and sewing that into the hole, but the strap prevented a good suck and got really snotty really fast.

Then I drilled holes into the soothie, intending to sew into the pre-drilled holes, but that wasn't good because I couldn't find the drilled holes when I finally got to the sewing part, and the needle goes through the silicone very easily. Pre-drilling probably just made the binkies more likely to break off again. 

Totally unnecessary!!

This project is easily accomplished by beginners and within an hour if you have all the materials you need. 

Recap Materials:
1. Old Wubanubs (or you could make your own wubanub from a little plush doll)
2. New soothie pacifiers
3. Seam ripper (could use knife, be careful!)
4. Needle
5. Thread
6. Thimble

Recap Instructions:
1. Rip out the seams and broken soothie piece from wubanub mouth.
2. Insert new soothie.
3. Hand-sew with a thimble.

Happy toddler. Happy sister photobombing. 
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