Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life As We Know It

This is just a blog post of random musings for the day. 

My girls are playing with my old stuffed animals, including a knock-off puppy surprise that I got when I was somewhere between six and eight years old. Watching my three year-old play is a perfect example of art imitating real life. The puppies are named "Daisy and Amy;" the third baby is named "Darkish Pink."

Apparently they're relaunching Puppy Surprise. I kind of love how I'm reliving my childhood with my kids. Relaunched versions of Popples and Inspector Gadget are on on Netflix now. I'm hoping for a new Family Double Dare. If our kids are old enough if/when they send out a casting call for that, you KNOW we'll be there. I always wanted to pull the flag from the giant nose. 

Yesterday my one year-old threw away one of my sewing projects and took trash out of the trash can. New rule: put up the baby gate blocking the kitchen and the trash can whenever leaving a toddler in the room alone. 

My spy photo of Amy entertaining herself while I worked at the kitchen table.

This morning we listened to some tunes from my day, including "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "This I Promise You" by NSync. Daisy liked the latter so much that she asked to play it again. During an 80's song, Daisy said, "I don't need dance moves. I've got plenty in my belly." Which is funny enough as it is, but she says it like, "I've got pwenty in my bewwy." 

Last month I didn't think I could live in this apartment another week, so I purged a TON of stuff and rearranged the furniture. Change! I live by it. 

Speaking of change, I got a job. My Etsy shop Dreamy Weamy hasn't been very busy lately since I stopped selling custom pillows, and I have some financial goals (a.k.a. lavish vacation dream). I took a major pay cut from my last job and started working at a local start-up fast food restaurant that I absolutely love, Wow! That's Fresh!  I have much to say about that, that I'll write later. I haven't been in food service in 10 years since my Chick Fil A days, but it all comes back pretty quickly. Plus, I have a different perspective on this side of 30 (okay, I'm still four months shy of 30, but I feel old with all the teenagers). 

One fun part: they all thought I was 18. I can write a whole blog post with their shocked reactions to my age and life experience. 

Ballast Point Park

It's a really hot November here in Florida. My playgroup is still meeting up at splash pads. I'm having serious internal struggles with wearing linen shorts in the Fall. I was kind of hoping I could stop shaving now, but it's not in the cards this season. I'm this close to purging all my sweaters. 

I wish I had splash pads when I was a kid. Our kids don't realize how special they are. When I was a kid, sprinklers were our splash pads. 

Not too long from now we will be in full-Christmas mode. Daisy already thinks it goes straight from Halloween to Christmas. Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday to explain and for her to remember. There's nothing to mark it like costumes or presents. It's one of my favorites though, because there's no pressure. Just food, family, friends, and gratitude. 

Just some thoughts on a November afternoon. 

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